The story of Good Vibe Gliders starts with a festival family from the Arizona Sonoran Desert. Every year, this massive group of artists will get together to host a loving, three day campout called the Good Vibe Getdown.
In 2016, I decided to set up my Good Vibe tent right by the lake. Although it was the most serene spot at the camp, it also happened to be exactly 17-minutes away from the music stage. “Oh well,” I told myself. “I really like this spot.” So I stayed. At first the distance didn’t bother me at all. I had a fresh, can-do attitude for the weekend and nothing was about to get me down! Or so I thought. I must have walked a thousand miles that weekend. As I trekked across the desert for the umpteenth time trying to get back to my tent, I couldn’t help but grumble to myself, “Duuuude, next year is going to be different. Very different.”
My new objective: Camp wherever I want, save energy for the dance floor, and look fabulous while doing it: I needed to get me an electric scooter. Of course, if I was going to bring an electric scooter to this particular gathering, no regular scooter would suffice. This was Good Vibe we’re talking about- a place where the most creative individuals of the region come together to imagine, create, dance, and inspire. It’s a magical 3 days so I needed to make a magical scooter. Now the question was, exactly how am I going to decorate this? After pondering and pondering, we decided to purchase thousands of tiny, glimmering, flatback jewels and use them as our medium. Yes! Jewels and festivals go perfectly together- and so it was settled. Our scooter was about to be completely covered in dazzling rhinestones. And the rest, as they say, is history...





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