Good Vibe Gliders

is an artist collaborative based in Phoenix, Arizona


Gabriel Majalca is the man about a party, and more than that, a creative spirit who enjoys hosting and helping the host keep order and spread

good vibes only.

He grew up with his three sisters and a mama who always seemed to be decorating/ planning a party. Naturally, his knack for creative ventures, building things and eventually, lots of bling, would catch up and birth his artistic love child:


Gabriel believes so strongly in his brand, that it has evolved into more than a luxury E-Rideable. It has become a lifestyle, a motto that generates the best vibe: pure happiness.





When Gabe and his now wife, Addie, went to their very first Arizona based desert festival in 2017, the Good Vibe Get Down, he experienced an encounter that is all too common for all festival attendees; where is the best spot to camp? While some chose to pop a tent closer to the main stage, Gabe chose to find the perfect spot right by the lake. It was serene, it was beautiful, and it was just far enough that if he and his wife wanted to hit the sack, they could rest peacefully in nature's full glory. However, Gabe QUICKLY realized the distance between his tent and the main stage. It took FOREVER to go back and forth. So he vowed right then and there that he would be prepared for the next festival to come.


At Good Vibe Get Down II, Gabe came equipped with two motorized scooters so he and his wife could travel back forth with ease. But this was no ordinary scooter. In good Gabe fashion, he had spent hours upon hours glitz and glamming their scooters, packed with multi colored jewels and Alfonso the Alligator, GVG's first mascot. Ultimately, neither Gabe or Addie had much of an opportunity to ride their scooters because the party literally came to them.


It became incredibly evident that these scooters were no longer meant for the sole purpose of his personal travel desires, but instead an opportunity to lend a hand of help to festival coordinators while still invoking the inner child of the festival goer to take a spin on the scooter they've always dreamed of.


Along the way, as Gabe had only a few hands of help in the start of his new endeavor he found kindred spirits among the desert wonderland and knew that he had found his team of creative minds, each equipped with their own specialty that make a Good Vibe Gliders what it is today.

Since 2017, Good Vibe Gliders has been used and showcased in several different festivals. And - as every action has a reaction - GVG quickly gained fame through word of mouth and  social media throughout the US including a few international countries. While GVG's focus originated as a lux E- Rideable for the ever extravagant rider, GVG began to pivot toward accessories and even gained the likes of George Clinton of Parliament-Funkadelic. Check out all the goods in the Good Vibe Garage!

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