THE pit crew

Gabriel Majalca


CEO, Creative Head

Gabe founded Good Vibe Gliders in 2018 and built it from the ground up - one jewel at a time. Despite being a wellspring of creativity, none of this would be possible without the help of every person on the team.



David has been inspiring and lending a helping hand  since the initial cosmic spark that began Good Vibe Gliders. He has played an important role in just about all of the projects; whether it be brainstorming, designing, troubleshooting, or fixing mechanical  problems, Dave's the man with the plan!


Jr. Strausser

Jaeden's dad, David, has worked on so many Gliders over the past years, it's no wonder Jae decided to join the team! Setting gems here, bedazzling something funky there, Jaeden provides a steady hand some killer designs - the perfect fit to the Good Vibe puzzle!



Artist, Painter

Lauren is a multi-faceted artist and is the most recent painter to join the GVG powerhouse of creatives. Her signature brush strokes have made our latest creations come to life. She is a rising star in PHX art community and we're happy to have found her. Welcome to the team, Lauren!


Artists, Fabricators

Meet the Mayors of Snood City: Mike and Meesh. These two have been with the GVG family since inception. Their fabulous art shows and custom fabrication shop has become legendary in the Phoenix art community. With hearts of gold and an unprecedented creative spirit, Mike and Meesh exemplify the Good Vibe lifestyle. 


Fashion Designer, Seamstress 

A graduate from Columbia College of Fashion Design School, there's literally nothing Trianna can't sew, stich, rip, apart and then professionally put back together. Her skillset is cream of the crop. Trianna is responsible for producing the GVG seat covers and has also ventured accessories such as matching scooter bags, totes, and even clothing. With Trianna, we can outfit you to match your Glider.



There since the beginning, Katy Jo Photography has captured some of the most historic GVG images to date.

David Morgan


Artist, Painter

David is a well-known artist from the Arizona desert. Shortly after meeting Gabe, he noticed his passion for creating functional art and became intrigued. After hearing more about GVG process, David jumped right in and has since painted some of the most memorable GVG projects including “Sunset Tiger”. When called upon, Dave leaps out from the shadows, ready to slice and dice, wielding a razor sharp katana of creativity. He's that good. 


Graphic Designer

From a graphic artist's perspective, everything Gabe and the team creates is not only masterful and jaw-dropping, but are incredible marketing tools for any fun, forward-thinking business, fashion icon, or whatever you might be. It's no wonder Kevin decided to join this team. Their first venture together started with an online festival, and it has only grown from there. Kevin has not only helped to rebuild this website, but also has a hand in editing graphics for the scooters and accessories.




Tori joined Good Vibe Gliders by way of her own events she had been hosting in Arizona. As they say, "Your vibe attracts your tribe." After a few encounters with GVG, she was welcomed to the Team and began contributing almost immediately. Tori has become a valued member of our bedazzle team. "It's really beautiful to see what each artist brings-in to showcase on a single glider."



Cherish is well known and respected member of the Phoenix art community. Her coordination at Full Moon Festival, Gem & Jam, and  Good Vibe Getdown have helped introduce many of the players on the GVG team today. Cherish provides crucial decorating skills to our projects, including designing a maple jewelry box that houses George Clinton's custom Shine Goggles.


Event Coordination and Decor

Wherever there's an adventure to be had, there you will find the Llamas. Owned and operated by our dear friends Alexis and Arell Gray, the Trolley Llama is a fully functional, gypsy pop-up shop that has played host to many Good Vibe Glider events. With an impressive variety of decorations and the coolest vintage Trolley in Arizona, look no further than the Llamas for your next party or event.


Strausser, Painter

Her heart is in painting with her partner, Michael in Sacrdimensional Art but when Gabe caught her creating her own gem art, he brought her on board to GVG. Shes been straussing ever since.


Painter, Fabricator

Michael is a painter with his wife Heather in SacreDimensional Art. But loves building anything thats custom fabricated especially things that are truly unique. And when it comes to Good Vibe Gliders and Gabes ingenious ideas, he is always down for a challenge


Graphic Artist

Eric is D bomb.


Artist, Painter

Known in the community as Deadhaus, this master of the spray can has unleashed his skills into many GVG projects. His artwork usually ranges 6-12 feet in length but with GVG, he takes his bigtime visions and microsizes them way down for a truly one-of-a-kind glider. Joey is responsible for designing and painting the Adventure Seeking Crew glider.



Joanna is a Good Vibe OG. She's got an eye for detail, which is exactly what this type of art requires. Joanna is a valuable member of the GVG bedazzle team.


Clay Daddy Art

James is a renown polymer clay artist from the Southwest. He recently sculpted one of the most iconic pieces in GVG history, the custom RAW front latch. Check it out at the Good Glide Gallery now. 

Ivan Guzman

Auto Paint

For many years now, Ivan and his family-owned shop, Redline Collision in Midtown Phoenix, have been painting, protecting, and coating our projects. The sky is the limit with this man. All projects are clear coated with the highest automotive-grade materials. That's the Redline guarantee.

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